About us

Travelling alone or with somebody, maybe in a group or with friends – it doesn’t matter. Just get yourself a good photo camera and enthusiasm and hit the road! Making new friends, getting to know new landscapes, enjoying new scents and tastes will take hold of you and turn you into the real travel lover. Other option is to start reading our magazine and take a virtual trip around the world. 

Putovanja za dvoje (Travelling for couples), the magazine for all travellers and travel lovers is being published in Serbia for four years, seven years in Croatia, six in Slovenia, while in 2012 three new editions appeared in France, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina and is now the tourist magazine with the largest circulation in the region. 

Our author texts giving personal experience and tips is what make us stand out, and our breath-taking photographs of the most beautiful places on the planet will make you start the trip immediately. Find best tourist agencies offers, flights, hotels will help you get to know other cities, countries and cultures.